Sticky Mosaics® Butterflies iPad App

Sticky Mosaics™ Butterflies contains a set of four beautiful templates which your child can decorate with a collection of sparkling jewels. The more jewels you add, the more your butterfly will sparkle. When you complete each butterfly, the butterfly will come to life and fly around a unique and interactive world of imagination.

Download available on the App Store

Magnetic Mosaics® Kits

Looking for more ideas on how to use our Magnetic Mosaic® products? Try decorating your fridge or school locker. Our Magnetic Mosaics® products are great for creative play and reusability. Complete any of the following downloads and you will be well on your way to making your own creative ideas!



Magnetic Mosaics® Magnetic Mosaics® Jr.
62170 Magnetic Mosaics Jr - Tin

Square Templates

Paper size: letter

Magnetic Mosaics® Metal

Magnetic Mosaics® Metal Jr


Square Templates

Paper size: letter

 Magnetic Mosaics® Kids

62057 Magnetic Mosaics Kids - Box

Paper size: letter

Color Cubes®
Magnetic Dreamings®
Under Construction

Please be advised that there is no guarantee that you will have enough parts to complete any of the Sticky Mosaics® or Magnetic Mosaic® downloads, even though we have made our best efforts to design these downloads so that they can be completed.